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Google recently provided new look to Gmail bar! Few days back, i alerted in Hari11888 Sms channel about this new bar. As usual , this new bar is not available to everyone! Few persons only got this! Yesterday ( 01-12-2011 ) i got this new bar permanently! By this new bar, we can navigate to any other google services and cool look. Till now, this bar is not available to every one! If you interested to get this bar, follow the simple steps provided below!

  • If you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 8+, open in a new tab 
  • Now we need to open JavaScript console. To open this,  Press Ctrl+Shift+J for Chrome browser and select console tab
  • To open JavaScript console in  Firefox, Press Ctrl+Shift+K and select console tab
  • To open JavaScript console  ( Web Inspector ) in  Safari browser, CLICK HERE
  • To open JavaScript console in IE  ( Developer Tools ), press F12 and select the console tab
  • Copy the below code and paste with below condition in that console tab
  • If you're not in the US and you're using a different Google domain, replace "" with your domain in the code (for example: "" in the India).
  • Users in India use the below code. Just copy and paste in console tab.  Here i changed the code as per India Google Page.

  • After pasted above code, press enter button and close console. Now page will get new look!
  • If it not get new look, reload the page!
  • I recommend you, try on google home page and then check all other google service!

Few days back, Google redesigned You tube look! To get that, paste the below code in console tab as i told above! Press enter and close the console tab. Now reload the You tube page by press F5.  Here no need to change any code! Now Google trying to give new look to You tube channels! ( Available to few users ). Try these new interface and shock your friends!