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Now we will see one wonderful and useful trick using Vlc Media Player. I hope, you like this trick. We will watch unknown language movies in players using subtitles. Some time subtitle not work properly. For example,

PROBLEM 1: Subtitle will appear quickly before the person speech his dialogue in movie or exact subtitle appear after few seconds. So subtitle does not match with movie playing in media players.  Sometime we will meet this problem. Like this we will meet one more problem.

PROBLEM 2: While watching movies in player, person speaking in dialog does not match with video. That is, audio is does not match with video playing in player.

Surely we met those problem some time or happen in feature. To solve this problem,VLC media player provide one superb solutions. We can solve this problem very easily. See the picture provided below to help. 

Open Vlc media player. Click 'Tools'. Now click 'Track Synchronization'. Now click 'Synchronization' tab. To solve 1st problem increment or decrements value of the seconds  while playing the movie in vlc media player using 'subtitle/video'.  To Solve 2nd problem increment or decrements value of the seconds while playing the movie in vlc media player  using 'audio/video'.



Now we will work with track synchronization with one video. If you try this, sure you understand the concept of this post. In my video alert, I uploaded one Tamil Language Video. In that video, voice is not relate with video for few  seconds. But you can understand that video while watch. You can see clearly the audio does not match with video. This video will helpful to you to work with track synchronization. Using this trick, now we wil set that video to work properly. 

First Download the 'Pazhamozhigal' video using Orbit down-loader or IDM or any other method you know from youtube. Play the video in vlc player and see the mismatch of audio and video. Audio will play before video action. To match this audio and video, Click 'Tools'. Now click 'Track Synchronization'. Now click 'Synchronization' tab.  Change the value in 'advance of audio over video' while playing till audio match with video. I hope, sure you like this post and will helpful to you in future.