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Mouse gesture is one of the feauture present in Google Labs. Already we saw  some features in google labs. Today we see about Mouse  gestures. Generally we will see problem explained below in Gmail account. If any queries / doubts use feedback form provided at end of this page.

Problem 1: Consider your gmail account list 50 mails, if you like to go next 50 list means, you need to press ‘older’ like that ‘oldest’ to see next 50 mails. Like that ‘newer’ and ‘newest’ to see previous mail. 

Problem 2: Now you opened one mail to read and you like to read next mail means, you need to press ‘Back to inbox’ button , then you need to select next mail to open.

To solve above problems, mouse guestures will helpful. We can move to Next 50 mail list without clicking ‘older’ or ‘oldest’. We can read next mail with out clicking ‘back to inbox’. We can done this by holding mouse button.

I explained below how to use mouse guestures in picture briefly. See that picture how to create mouse guestures. Before read this, you need to enable ‘mouse guesture’ in gmail account.

How to enable mouse guesture?

Log into your gmail account. Click Settings , present at Right top corner. Click the tab ‘Labs’. Now search the Mouse gesture and choose enable. Finally click the button ‘Save Changes’.

FIG:  1

FIG:  2

UPDATE 2012 MAY 03

Today onward, Gmail's Google Lab feature Mouse Gesture is not work.Up to know Many people had been using Gmail Mouse Gestures to easily navigate through your inbox & for quickly accessing old & new mails with a simple mouse Drag.

Gmail Lab Feature Mouse gesture is developed by Eric A & I’m sorry to say that Google has retired this feature saying the app is less popular & you will no longer be able to access Mouse Gesture’s.Google also had said good bye to other Lab Feature’s like Old Snakey, Mail Goggles, Hide Unread Counts, Move Icon Column, Inbox Preview, Custom Date Formats & SMS in Chat gadget.