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Today we will see how to disable error reporting in windows xp. Nowadays we will install and uninstall lot of software in our system. Some software make problem and affect our system if it not suitable with hardware. Sometime our system will get crash. If we close any software voluntarily continuously , even it doesn't close, error report will display. While closing the software when system is busy, at the time also error report will apper. Error report contain some error code, detail description about that error and ask you send this error report to microsoft or not. Some times it irritating to ours, by displaying again and again. We can able to disbale it. How to stop it? Right click on My computer in Desktop. Click ‘Properties’. Click the tab ‘Advanced’. At the bottom, you can able to see the button called ‘Error Reporting’. Click it. Now one more dialog box will apper. Now choose ‘Disable Error Reporting’. Tick the Check box, ‘But notifiy me, when critical errors occur’ if you need this option.

While generating error code, we don't know what its meaning. To solve this problem below websites will helpful to you. Just enter your error code or message. Now you will get error code meaning.


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