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Auto reply is useful feature in gmail and it will helpful at critical situation. Sometimes we will go tour. At that time unable to login our gmail account and we will get lot of mails. Sometimes we will get some important mail, that mail need reply from ours urgently. At that time we can set automatically  reply so sender  by putting default message ' Now i am in tour, So unable to read your message. This is auto reply message . If any urgent message or mail means call to this no xxxxxxxxxx' like that.

Like this you can set message reason to unable read the mails. After you set this feature, if sender send mail to your email address means, sender get this message automatically and they know receiver not read our mail and they try to inform to you if any urgent. This is an wonderful and more helpful feature in gmail.  You can set only to your contact member by avoiding newsletters. Mail which send to spam are not get automatic reply. This is very easy to set. Set this feature when you unable to login your gmail account for long  period. Generally this feature is disabled.We can enable as our wish.  


First login to your gmail account. Click 'settings' in top right corner. Gmail automatically open 'general' tab. Scroll down and find 'out of office Auto reply'. Then select radio button ' out of office auto reply on'. Set the starting day and end day is optional (We don't know accurately when we login our gmail account again). Give Meaningful subject in subject line. Then type your message. If you like to set auto reply only to your contact means 'tick' the check box below 'only send a response to people in my contacts'. Then finally click 'save changes'.