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Hi... Nowadays most of the members start to work in ms office 2007 due to its lot of features. Today i like to give one tip how to change the color of the ms office. Ms office 07 open in default color 'blue'. Because it is easy to handle the ms office. But it does not give attractive look. Who like to give new color to ms office , follow the step below i provided. Now we change the 'Blue' color to 'Black' color. It give attractive look and easy to work with ms office. First time it may difficult you, Because you continuously worked with blue color. After work with black color surely you like it. This tip really useful to who like decorate the ms office. Windows provide one more color called 'Silver'. But i fee Black color is attractive and easy to work with ms office. First open any Ms office document like word, excel or ppt. Now click the office button which presents at the Top corner of left side. At the end of menu click ' word options' button. Now you can able to see 'popular' tab at the left sidebar. In right side, you can able to see color scheme. Click that arrow and choose black color. Finally click ok button. Now you wonder. You will get new look to Ms office. First time may difficult to work with files. After few days its easy to work. Because we trained work with blue color.

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Are you using Nokia mobile? *#06# press this no to see IMEI no ( International Mobile Equipment Identity ). Note this no carefully. If your mobile is miss, you can able to deactivate that mobile using IMEI no. After deactivated, unable to use that mobile even they put any SIM (Subscriber Identification Module ) card.