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Hi... Now we will see about the software 'ORBIT DOWN LOADER'. There are lot of software available to download the files quickly. Orbit down loader also include that type. It downloads file quickly. Its designed only to download the files quickly. You can feel the download speed when compare to browser download. You can easily manage with downloaded software. It divided as download completed list, currently downloading list, unfinished list and all list. So you can easily find out which program is download, which currently processing etc. If you try to download same program again by forget it will alert you. So no need to download the program already downloaded. You can download manually by providing download link.

It includes one more feature called software updater. It analysis all software which you installed in your system and intimate to you if any update is available to your software. So you can update when update available. No need to check whether update is there or not.

One more important feature is 'GET IT'. While browsing we can able to see lot of videos, audio. Sometimes unable to download some videos. We can easily download that video in single click. While playing that video 'GET IT' button automatically appear. Just click it to download. So no need to search url to download that video. To download audio files, just right click in web page at any place, now you able to see 'get it' option from the menu. Now you can easily download audio files.

'GRAB ++' is one of the important feature provided by orbit down loader. If you click it means, it analysis the web page fully where you surf and you can able to download all audio, video files which present in that web page in single click. Before you download, you can select particular file which you like. For example, now you are in web page that contain 10 audio files download link and 2 video files download link. You can download these 12 files in single click. This Grab ++. You can select particular file before you download.
This software contain lot of features. Even this software is
FREEWARE.. For help see the picture below. Use this software with latest version of browser.

Press this no if you use nokia mobile. *#0000# . Now you can able to see, your mobile model no, Release date of your mobile, version.