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Did you know about Google Lab? Its Providing exciting additional features to our Gmail. Most of the Google gmail users don't know this method. Let us see some important Google lab feature.

Today we will see 'PREVIEW YOUR IN-BOX'. What is Preview your in-box? We can able to see what are the emails we get in our in-box before its loading. When you log in your email, it simply showing 'loading' and ' progress bar' only. But if you change your setting, it will show what are the mails are there in our in-box before it load. Some time we except urgently email from any company or any friend. At the time if gmail loads very slowly means? Surely its irritating. If you set this, you can able to see what are the mails are came to our in-box before it loading. Surely it will help to you.

How to set this ?

Open your gmail account. At the top, Right side you can able to see 'settings', click it. Now click 'LABS' tab. Scroll it. you can able to see the preview in box part. (To Help see the above picture ) Now choose 'enable'. Finally click 'save changes'.

Hereafter we will see some important Google labs features like 'Undo mail', 'mouse gesture' etc.

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