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Today we will see one important post. Hard disk is important to save our files. Did you know how files are save in hard disk?. Computer understand only '1' and '0' only. We know all this information. Hard disk is electronic material . Then how our files are save in that electronic material?. Why computer understand only '0' and '1' only? How it understand '0' and '1'?. Hard disk contains lot of cells. That is, collections of cells is hard disk. Like that, cells have lot of blocks. That is, lot of blocks is cells. These blocks are filled with ' neuron' are called '1'. Blocks which are not filled by 'neuron' is called '0'. In this way our files are save in hard disk. Simply we can say, 1 means 'voltage' is present. '0' means 'voltage' is not present. In this way system understand '0' and '1'. Some blocks are not work properly due to we may used that block lot of time or problem while manufacture (It happen rarely) and much more reasons. So our os not use this blocks in hard disk when it damaged. That blocks are called 'CLUSTERS'. To avoid this clusters, we need to check hard disk properly. Do this check at least one time every month.

How to do this hard disk check?

Choose Hard drive, Right click on it, click properties, click Tools tab, now you can able to see 'Error Checking'. Now click button 'check now'. By click 'start' button, check the hard disk default and processed quickly. To check hard disk advanced, Tick that two check box and then click Start button. But this method take long time nearly more than one hour. Because it check deeply. To help see the picture provided below.

To check your hard disk advance, use ADVANCE SYSTEM CARE software. Its free ware. Its have lot of function to maintain your system. Download ADVANCED SYSTEM CARE software here

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