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Already we saw 2 methods to improve the speed of computer. Today we see sbout How to remove the ' START UP' exe files. Most of Persons don't know this method. But this is the one of the reason to reduce the speed of the system.

What is 'START UP'?

When you log on the system some programs automatically start to load. For example, you can see this option while installing the software. That is 'start up at system'. If you put tick mark in check box, whenever you log in the system, that exe file also automatically start to execute. So this is the reason windows show the desktop slowly. You can able to see this option like IDM, Gtalk etc.

How to Remove it?

Click Start, All programs, Start-up. In that start up you can see some exe files which is load while OS loading. Just select the all files and remove it. Some files are not present in that. You need to uncheck that
'Tick' using particular software. While installing any software uncheck that 'Tick' and increase your system. To help see the below picture. Do 'Tick' which i mentioned below. Now you will able to see the system start in very speed. Here i provided only for example. Some applications works background and unable to find. So use tune up utility program and uu check the unwanted startup programs to increase speed of the system.