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Google said Few days before it cleared 12 worst error in chrome browser. These errors surely will give more difficult if it not cleared. It also cleared error based on Adobe flash player as well as while opening pdf file. Google provided 7,500 dollar who find this error and cleared it. One more news is... Google also will have increase 10% salary on coming new year who still working in Google company. Nearly 23 Thousands members are working in this company around this world. This salary offer suitable to Permanent and Temporary workers. Really Google is Keep Rocking...I read this information in newspaper...Based on this post i like to share info, update your chrome browser still who does not update. In updates, we will get additional feature to our browser or security etc as customer (We) requirement. So update.

Coca cola original color is green --- Honey is the only food that does not spoil --- Ants never sleep.