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Are you interested in playing chess game? Like to play the chess game in new way? Download this game and play it. Really you will attract. Because...

Soldiers , Horse, Elephant, King , Queen etc are look like an original. Ya its an 3D game. If you move one step, it move in originally.... This game fully graphics... If Target king kill any of our person, A Large snake will come and kill it in 3D style. Really its wonderful. If you move the Horse, it will fly. Like this every coin move in different animation. Every one kill the target in different style. Music also superb. Here have lot of background. Really who know to play the chess game surely they like it. I got new experience. Chess players don't miss it.


I suggest who know to play the chess game just download this trial ware and play it. Dont miss this game. Surely you will get new enjoyment. If you like it means purchase. Its not an free ware. Its an 22 mb. Dont miss it.