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We already have 'Eject' in the context menu (CONTEXT MENU means getting menu while right click of mouse) of CD/DVD drive, which ejects the drive tray. Then we put dvd or cd to use it. But to insert the tray inside,we've to manually push insert button on CD/DVD drive. We can 'Insert ' the drive without touch. 

First Download  CDEJECT.ZIP file. Extract the Downloaded file. Now you will see one 'dll' file and one registry file. Do the following steps:

1. CDeject.dll -> copy this file to C:\windows\system32 folder. Go to START , and then click RUN. Now type "c:\windows\system32" and press ENTER. Now system 32 folder will be open. Now paste that 'dll' file here.

2. CDeject.reg -> Double click it. It shows a message, accept that and click OK. Here we changing registry setting.

That's it. Now you will see 'INSERT' button when right click on CD/DVD drive. Now just click it. Drive will be automatically insert. It also act as on 'EJECT'. If you click it, CD/DVD drive will automatically come out. See the picture to help.