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Musixmatch Lyrics - Display the song lyrics while playing

Musixmatch is an android application music player and display the song lyrics which you play. So its easy to sing a song while playing.

There are lots of app available in playstore to display the lyrics. But musixmatch is an top application to display the song lyrics.

  • Its automatically find the song lyrics from online if  available
  • Song lyrics may available in your mother tongue ( Low Chance )

    This app, fetch the song lyrics based on the "tag" information of your audio file. If lyrics is not found, then edit the song information, that is "tag" information and then search it. If you download the songs from original company, then it it easy to find song lyrics to this app. This application also display the lyrics, songs which you play in youtube, n7player etc. 

      You must need internet connection to display the song lyrics at first time. You need premium feature of this app to enjoy all the lyrics to display without a connection. Here i listed few features only. You can explore more features by installing this Musixmatch app.