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Hi… Today we will see one important post. Everyone must know this information. If you know this method surely you will attract. This is very large post. So I divided into 4 parts. Please understand previous part CLEARLY before you go to next part. Read slowly and understand the concept, this concept every one must know to finish the process as well as save time.Guys, you must understand this concept, that is the reason why i described briefly. You can ask any doubt if you have based on this post, I will clear to you. Send your queries / doubts using form at end of this blog or send to I like, everyone must understand the concept of this post.

Generally we will take important files back up in cd for future use. If you use that cd again and again, finally it will damage and again you need to take ‘Backup’. Consider you bought a new printer means , they will give one ‘Printer Driver’ cd. While installing every time, we will use same cd to install that driver. If we use same cd for long time means, finally it will get lot scratch, then unable to use that cd. To solve this problem nero image drive will use. Please ensure that your system have Nero 7 or morethan version 7. You will get ‘Nero Image Drive ‘ tool in Nero 7 version or more than version 7. Here I explained using nero 7.

Once you created Printer Driver ‘Image’ (‘Image’ is a one of the file format provided by Nero ) means using printer driver cd, then you no need to use that ‘Printer Driver Cd’ to install driver again and again. We can install Printer driver using that ‘image’. Here image file act as a ‘exe’ file. So you keep the ‘original printer driver cd’ in safely in cd box. ‘Nero Image Drive’ open only ‘Image’ files. ‘Nero Image Drive’ is a small tool, it comes from version ‘Nero 7’. Remember, here I use the word ‘image’ does not point a stills or picture. ‘Image’ is one of the file format provided by nero. 

To understand this concept briefly, I like to say one more example. Every one know ‘The Mummy ‘ game. If we need to play that game means, we need to put mummy game cd in cd tray. Then only we can able to play that game. Other wise unable to play that game. Ok now we play that game by putting ‘The Mummy’ game cd in cd tray. While playing that game, Mummy game cd continousely rotate in cd tray. While playing that game everytime by putting mummy game cd in cd tray, finally cd will get lot of scratches and then unable to play. At the same time, cd tray life time also reduce. Because ‘Mummy game cd’ is continously rotate while play. To avoid this we need nero image. Like this lot of games will play only by putting that game cd in cd tray. We can play that game without putting that cd if we created image file .

Due to length of the post, i stop here. We will continue in next post. Till now , if any doubts / queries  use the form at the end of this blog or send it to