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Today i intro a superb and interesting game to play. Feeding Frenzy is a fish game, you need to grow by eating small fishes than your fish.By eating small fishes you can able to grow and then you need to eat the large fish. 


You should play this game  only on Mouse movement. There is no usage on keyboard. There are different types of fishes are there like an poison fish, whale  and more. These fishes gives the interesting to play. Same like that, you will get more different types of power to escape from large fishes. By finishing the level, your fish will change. Fish in video is sample only.

Due to success on part 1 of feeding frenzy, part 2 also came. Its have an attractive graphics. Don't miss to play this game. Watch the video to know about this game. This is also one of my favorite game. I hope, sure you like this game.

You need to face the different types of funny fishes with different types of funny powers. It provides an interesting to play. Here i provided the Trial link and you can able to play only for 60 minutes. But if you play with more careful means, you can able to finish the all level in this game in 60 minutes. Get Feeding Frenzy here. Have fun.