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Dear Friends! Today we will see one wonderful extension to Gmail Account. By this extension, you can customize your Gmail account as your wish.

With this extension you can hide anything on Gmail account like chat, sidebar, counters etc. It gives some attractive look to your Gmail account. Some highlights are listed below. Don't miss this extension.

  • Removes the Sidebar advertisement
  • Removes the bottom advertisement
  • Highlight the rows in colors on mouse over
  • Attachments icon is integrated

It have  nearly 50 + options to customize your Gmail account. When you over a mouse cursor on option, you will see the 'Preview' of that option. As your wish , you can set the option. Its available only for Chrome Browser. 

Install the Extension Minimalist from Chrome web store. After you installed, go to options, In LHS  Pane, you will see the dashboard and RHS  Pane, you can see Minimalist for Gmail, here click the 'Options' button. Now you are ready to customize your Gmail account.