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Friends!  Is believable to you title of this post? Yes! Its true. Google Recently announced this news. Google apps and its feature will not work in old version browser hereafter. From August 1, 2011, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.5 and Safari 3 will no longer be supported. That is you can’t use Google Apps with those browsers and Google cannot guarantee that the features and functionality will work properly. If you using Chrome browser means, you no need to worry about this. Because it have an feature to update automatically. 

Generally Google use HTML version 5. It does not support by an old browser. But latest version of all browser supports the Html 5. You can able to use  Google's new features like an  drag and drop, attachment uploading, drag and drop embedded images, new mail notifications etc in new version of browsers. Because its supports HTML 5. This is the main reason. At the same time, new browser have more secure than older and we can use latest browser features also.To understand this concept properly, Check this blog in old version of browser and new version browser. It will clear to you.

Most of the members don't know this info. So sure people will confuse why google and its apps not work.  So kindly share this info with your friends and put plus one button vote if you like this post. If you put Plus one button  vote means , it will helpful to all. Below i provided the latest version of browsers download link. Get more details here about supported browser.