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Latest topic among youth is Google new project called Google Plus. Its an new social network from google. I am not saying about Orkut. Google's new social network Google Plus will come soon. Recently they launched ( beta ) this project and suddenly  most of the person applied invitation form and joined. But google didn't release the standard version. We expect this soon from google. Lets see some features in Google Plus.

Google Plus also help to share the info and connect with friends by providing some nice features. Google Plus Stream is like a wall in facebook, so you can feed the info and share. Google Plus Circle is like an group. Here you connect an friends ( like an group ) who you like to add by name it 'School Friends' or 'Family' or 'Office'. So you can share the info with particular members. Google Plus Hangout is feature enable the Video chat. Here i described only very little bit. It have some other features like Google Plus Sparks, Google Plus Mobile, Google Plus Huddle, Google Plus You and Much More. You can expect more feature in Google Plus. Watch the video of Google Plus to view the interface of Google Plus and More info in below video list. Latest funny picture about google plus is provided below.

                Google Plus


Really joining in Google plus is challenge because it take more time. You need to fill the form to join in trial. After you submitted you need to wait to receive the acknowledgement from google. So as soon as apply this and wait for acknowledgement. When google introduce this feature, lot of members submitted to join by Google Plus Joining form. 

[UPDATE ON 09-JULY-2011]

Finally i got Google Plus after a long period. Do you want Google Plus invitation? Just Fill this feedback form  and send it. I will send the invitation to you as soon as possible to me.  I sent the invitation already who are requested to Google Plus invitation by submitting feedback form, kindly check your Email Inbox.  Provide Active email id. That is, ensure your email without any spelling mistake. 

[UPDATE ON 04-JULY-2011]

You can join in one more way. Accepting Invitation from your friend who already joined in Google Plus. But now google temporarily stopped sending invitation due to exceed of capacity. Fill the contact form and send it to me. I will send the invitation soon after i got Google Plus from Google. I request you, submit the info in google plus joining form and fill the contact form if you like to get the invitation from me after i get the Google Plus account. Currently i got invitation from one of my friend. Even unable to join due to exceed capacity.