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Now we will see one very useful  extension to our chrome browser. Chrome browser got one of the top place due to its speed , interface and features. But still it have few defects. Do you know that? Below i explained the features directly. Its easy to understand the defects. To avoid these, chrome tool box will helpful to you. As a name of 'Tool box', it have collection of solutions and have some additional features. It have defects like when we close last tab, chrome browser will exit. Chrome browser exit without warning if we closes multiple tabs and more. To solve this, just change the settings in this extension. Install the Chrome Tool Box and add new features to your chrome browsers.  

Below features are recommended to you in this extension.  
  • Don't close current browser window when closing last tab, create a new tab instead ( More helpful at critical situation ) 
  • Confirm before closing multiple tabs
  • Scroll mouse wheel on the tab strip to switch tabs
Additional Features ( Optional - Set this if you like )
  • When the mouse pointer hovers over an image, show image floating toolbar (magnifier, view original image, set wallpaper)
  • When the mouse pointer hovers over a video, show video floating toolbar (view video in standalone window)
  • Enable context menu for setting wallpaper
On my thought, below features are provide this extension, but not comfortable to you. If you feel comfortable means set this option also.
  • When clicking on a link, always open it in a new tab
  • Double click on a tab to close it
  • When pressing enter in address bar with a URL in it, open the URL in a new tab