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Today we will see one website to do  fun  windows desktop. That is  'Screen Mates'. Screen mates are really funny and take relax by access it. Below i provided website links. Visit there and download the files.

Here have lot of screen mates like Air balloon,  Bike, Ball , Heart, Smiley etc. It will  fly or move over the desktop screen. No installation is required. You need to unzip the file and double click to run. These screen mates file size is low. You can run multiple screen mates at the same time. To close, right click on the file name in task bar. Its works in windows 2000 , XP, Vista. In vista, Screen mates will not work if ' user account control' is disabled. So enable it. In this website you will see lot screen mates by category. You can see the preview.  So download as your wish. This website contains screen saver also. These are differ from other screen saver. So download the screen saver as your wish.  Get more screen mates by searching in search engine.