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Now we will see how to find your gmail account created date. You can feel, in what way it will helpful to you?, But this is very very important. Every one must know this information. It will helpful to you some critical situation. If any one hacked your gmail account means, you need to  reset your password. To reset your password, you need to fill the form provided by Google. At that time, you need the gmail account creation date. At that time this info is very helpful to you. Some members try to find the gmail account creation date for funny or any other purpose. Some members give treat also on gmail account birthday if he feel account mails are more valuable. But knowing this info is very useful to you. Let see, how to detect your gmail account created ( Birth ) date.

You can find gmail account in two ways. First way is, when you created gmail account, suddenly you will get mail from gmail team.  Using that received mail we can find our gmail account created date with exact time. If you saved this email in your label or inbox means you can find it easily. If you deleted or not found means try the second method. Most of the members deleted that mail without know the value of the mail. 

I think second method is works if you create the gmail account on 2007 or later. Don't know exact date. Anyway, if you create before 2007 means also try it. Login to your gmail account and click 'settings' at top right side corner.  Now click the tab 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP'.  Now see the picture below for help. In that tab, you will see POP download. In that status, you will see the creation date of  your gmail account created date where i specified in that picture. If  date is not appear means, enable the  'Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on' by clicking radio button. Now click 'save changes' button. After made changes check again here. Even if not appear (Very rare to happen this ) means enable one more status which you left. Now click 'save changes' button. After made changes check again here. Finally we found birth-date of our gmail account.


If any body knows any other good idea to find gmail account created date, kindly inform to ''. Here your idea will update with your name.


Most of the members use desktop pc. These tips will surely helpful to your pc and give long life. Due to electronic item we must take care in our pc. Sometime we will  work with our pc very careless. Avoid it. If we not solve the small problem at initially, it will give big problem in future due to our careless. Follow the simple tips and give long life to your pc.
  • Don't put the cover in cpu and monitor while working. If you like to put the cover over a system, put it after half an hour after you shutdown the pc . We must give the chance to our pc to emits the heat.
  • Most of the members do this wrong, Don't watch the movies by putting cd/dvd in cd/dvd tray. Copy and paste into system. Then watch it.  Now your cd/dvd tray will get long life. Otherwise cd/dvd tray continuously rotate and loss its life.
  • Avoid If you use the 'pin' to come out the cd/dvd tray. If you do this often, it will provide big problem. So solve it soon and use this method only on critical situation. 
  • Don't Format  the hard disk and pen drive often. Format only at rare condition. Life will increase.  
  • Completely avoid Defrag the  Pen drive. Hard disk and Pen drive both are read and write the files using different mechanism. Due to this mechanism pen drive no need defrag, hard disk need the defrag. If we do the defrag in pen drive it affect only the pen drive. So pen drive will lose its life soon if you defrag it. 
  • While Burning data's in cd/dvd using burning software, completely avoid working with other software in pc. Don't run any other program in background also. Before you burn, stop the all working software and then begin the burn. Because, while burning the data in cd/dvd, it requires more ram memory. If you work with other software means, it also use the memory. So due to low memory 'Burning software' displays the error message 'run time error' or any message. If any error displays while burn, cd or dvd  will completely damage or not work.
  • Keep your system always in cool. If you place your pc, in AC  room means, it absorbs the heat emits by system and give long life to your pc. So keep the system in ac as much possible to you.
We will continue  some more important basic tips to improve system life in next part.


Friends... Today (May 20, 2011) Pirates of the Caribbean - Part 4 is released worldwide. Don't miss to watch 'Jack Sparrow' fun and ready to visit unforgettable journey in amazing island.  Don't miss to watch previous part also. Ok, lets come to the today post. This post is surely very HIDEOUS. I request you,  kindly avoid this post if you not like hideous incident . But every (person) Street Pani Puri Eaters must read this and be careful. This is the latest incident happened in Mumbai and every Pani Puri Eaters shocked.


Pani puri vendor is pass his urine in a small utensil and then used that utensil to make pani puri item to serve the customer. Shocked? You will get more shock after you read the reason 'why he did like that?'. 

A 19-year-old student, was shocked when she first spotted vendor urinating into his 'lota'. "His stall is right below our building. Though there were rumors of him being quite gross, his stall was always flooded with customers," she said. "Since I had nothing to do after my exams, I started keeping an eye on him.

Every day, he'd pee into the utensil and then use the same to pour tangy water into the ragda or stir the paani puri mix. Some customers even used that lota to drink water once they had finished eating. "When she told her family members and neighbors  however, they refused to believe her. When residents in the area saw the video she had recorded, they first beat up Vendor  before taking him to the police station.

"Residents of  Colony came up with a video clip that showed vendor urinating in one of his utensils. We arrested him on Monday night and he confessed. His excuse was that he had nowhere else to pee as there was no urinal around," Police Inspector  said, adding that vendor said he felt uncomfortable peeing on the streets as  Colony was a clean, residential area.

In you tube, you will get that live video. (Don't watch this video if you love pani poori or related item).Regular Customer of that pani poori shop are shocked and don't know what to do. Why i post this news means, at least here after every one take care in pani poori shop. Due to some pani poori vendors, other vendors also affect. Share this info with your friends whom you like to take care. I request you, nowadays most of the pani puri shop, parcel facility is available. So kindly make use of it.


Now we will see about private browsing and how they important to ours. Private browsing is a wonderful future in browser. It give more security to ours  and more helpful.. If you use private browsing in browser means, it does not store any  data where you browsed, entered email id, password etc. You never recover the data if you try. That is, history of your browser is not save. In history , browsed pages are also  not saved. Private Browsing allows you to browse the Internet without saving any information about which sites and pages you’ve visited. 

While browsing, some time we need to go already browsed pages. At that time, if we forgot that website name means, we can find that website in history page. If you use private browse, we never recover it. So use this private browse only on critical situation. 

Some time private browse is more helpful. When you go to browsing center, i strongly recommend you, surf in private browse. Due to this, your email id is not saved, password and browsed pages by you and much more data in browser. So no one find your browsed page and etc. Most of the browsing center, installed very lowest version of browser. Its not good for browsing. Lowest version browser are have low security and easy to hack. Private browsing is one of the way of security giving to your account. This feature available in latest version.



TURN ON: Tools ->  Start Private Browsing.

TURN OFF: Tools-> Stop Private Browsing


In chrome browser we call 'private browsing' as a 'incognito'. 

TURN ON: Click the 'setting' button present at top right side corner. Now click 'new incognito window'.  

TURN OFF: To turn off, simply close the browser.

I hope surely private browsing will helpful and give more security to you. This is one of wonderful feature in browser. Kindly make use of it.


Now we will see some funny exam answers, surely you will laugh when you think these pictures. See the funny students creative answers. Really exams are difficult to student. Correcting the papers is more difficult than writing the exams. Below i provided some stills which i got from my friend and some i found in net. Click the image to enlarge. When you over the mouse cursor it will change to 'Magnifier' symbol. If you see this click the image to zoom. If you click the image again it will become again original size. Some stills, appear in good look when you zoom. So zoom the all picture and see. Don't miss any stills. I have some funny answers which unable to share here. If you request to '' means , you will receive  soon.  


I feel surely you enjoyed this post. Want more funny exam answers ? Just subscribe in below website and receive funny exam answers in your inbox. Here they categorized the funny exam answers. Browse all and enjoy. If anybody know any other good website based on this post means, inform to Here i will update with your name. 


Solar system is generally good look to see and give enjoyment to our heart. If it have stars means, it have more pretty. Now we will see the Solar System in 3D. Surely it will provide good enjoyment to you. Below i provided one link, visit there by clicking that. In that website, you will see the whole solar system in 3D. Here have all planes, stars, sun, moon etc. 3D view give more enjoyment to ours. Using mouse you can browse the whole sky. Its very interesting and enjoyment. Lets see its feature.

  • You can visit any planet and then you can find distance.
  • Below have one calender. Select the date and see what happen.
  • You can view the solar system in different views, by choosing the option in left hand side. 
  • In Right hand side , zoom option is there.
  • In left side have lot of options to enjoy. Check every option and see what happen.
  • Press 'space' bar in key board to full view.

Whenever you feel bore or to take relax, kindly visit this website. I hope surely you will enjoy this by visiting whole solar system. Share this website with your friends.


Now we will see one impressing screen saver. Generally screen savers are use to save our date displaying in monitor and give awesome look to our pc. Few screen savers only give wonderful and impress. In that list, below i provided some screen saver. Try and Impress all your friends / customer. In this fire screensaver, all are share ware ( You can purchase if you like it ) except one software. Below i provided detailed descriptions. 

1) Free Fire Screen saver - This screen saver only freeware. It will look real fire and have lot of options to change. Fire will appear based on page or directly opens in your pc. Surely you will like it. Every one must try it.

2) Fire Heart Desktop Gadget - This is wonderful gadget to your desktop. It give awesome look to your eyes. Don't miss it. But it is trial ware.

3) Heart on fire screen saver - Name of this software provides clear meaning about this software. Heart will appear in fire. But, this software also trial ware.

4) Fantastic Flame Screen saver - Really this screen saver is fantastic as it named. It includes Free fire screen saver and More awesome flame screen saver. You will see the other flames in small screen. These is really fantastic. This software also trial ware.

Download all software and use it. In trial ware also you will get enough look to your pc. I feel surely you will enjoy after installing this software. Download this all software from below link.


Today we will see one website to do  fun  windows desktop. That is  'Screen Mates'. Screen mates are really funny and take relax by access it. Below i provided website links. Visit there and download the files.

Here have lot of screen mates like Air balloon,  Bike, Ball , Heart, Smiley etc. It will  fly or move over the desktop screen. No installation is required. You need to unzip the file and double click to run. These screen mates file size is low. You can run multiple screen mates at the same time. To close, right click on the file name in task bar. Its works in windows 2000 , XP, Vista. In vista, Screen mates will not work if ' user account control' is disabled. So enable it. In this website you will see lot screen mates by category. You can see the preview.  So download as your wish. This website contains screen saver also. These are differ from other screen saver. So download the screen saver as your wish.  Get more screen mates by searching in search engine.


Now we will see how to give security to our accounts. Due to Hackers , Virus we need to give security to our accounts especially to save from virus. While surfing in net, we also detect website is secure or not. In web address we saw  some websites  begins with 'http'. If you see any website start from 'https' means its secured. Here 's' represent security. Some website have the icon 'lock' symbol on web address or any other place in website. Here i don't say all websites are not secured. If you see any website in 'https' or 'lock' symbol means its secured. Not only these, nowadays websites  have security with different ways. Now we see how to give more security our important accounts.  


GMAIL: Log In to your gmail account. Click Settings. In General tab, see the Browser Connection. Here Choose 'Always Use Https' and Click Save Changes. 

FACE BOOK:   Log in to your Face book account. At right top corner, click Account. Then click Account Settings. Now you will see 'setting' tab. In that, click 'Account security' and tick the check box in security browsing and click 'save' button. 

TWITTER: Log in to your Twitter account. AT right top corner, Click your username, Now click 'settings'. Now you will see 'Account' tab.  At the end of tab,  tick the 'always use https' and click save.

Like this, if you feel any other account service which you use is more worth to you  change into Security Option. Mostly they will provided in 'Settings' or 'Options' Tab, search & set it and give more security to your account.

Some websites are provide to check whether website is safe or not. Below i provided one link. This is one of the website used to find whether website is safe or not. Here you will check whether website is safe or not. Like this lot of website is there to check website security.

LINK: http://global.sitesafety.trend.


Now we will see one interesting and unbelievable post. What is that? Explained in below.Don't confuse its an any other language.  In words, characters are scrambled. Even, i know you   will read properly. Try it.. 

Olny srmat poelpe can raed tihs. I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae.The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs psas it on!!

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Now we will see one useful feature in gmail. We sending lot of email in gmail to our friends. Some time we think and like to send the email at particular time or scheduled time.  To wish our friends holidays or birthday, we like to send the email at particular time. Generally Gmail does not have this feature. To solve this problem, one add on will helpful to ours. That is boomerang.  Let see how to use this feature.

COMPATIBLE WITH: Fire fox 3.6 , 3.6 +, Chrome 5.0 , 5.0 + 


Visit the below link to Install this add on and click the button 'install boomerang'. After you installed this add on, click the 'compose' button. Now you will see 'send later' button. Using that button, you can send the email at any time or specific time. See the below picture to help. Remember its works only on Gmail. Click the picture to enlarge. In that website they provided help in video and explained in text also. So here no need to explain briefly.  


LINK: INSATLL AND HELP Click here to install boomerang add on and Help in video and text