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         Now we will see how to make your name in  fireworks. After make, share that url with your friends. First visit the link below i provided. Wait few seconds, now you will see a firework with some text. Ok wait few seconds till that firework to become end.  After finished, now two text box will appear.
     In first text box enter your name and click launch experiment. Now your name will appear in that firework. In second text box, url will appear. Copy that url and forward to your friends. If anybody open that link means your name will appear in fireworks.Like this you can wish your friends or relatives in birthday, functions etc. You have some options in that fireworks,it will provide good look.

1) You can increase / decrease the gravity
2) You can increase / decrease the speed
3) You can increase / decrease the Blast radius 

         After make changes, click 'Launch ' and then copy your url and forward it. I feel surely you will enjoy this. Remember make this firework in CHROME BROWSER 10.648.45 version (Its works properly in latest version) if not work in any Higher or Lower Version and inform to your friends open that url in chrome browser. Your net connection must be in good speed.