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Now we will see one superb post, do this trick in windows xp. I tried only in xp os. It will helpful to you. In this trick, we do, display a message while loading windows xp that is legal notice will be displayed at every startup just before the Desktop is load. If your PC has multiple users then you can now display legal notice to every user before they login to your PC.  Sometimes other person chance to work in our pc when we absence. Using this you can tell your friends about the do’s and don’t do in your computer when they login in your absence. Well you can do this pretty easily. Let see how to do this. Do this trick carefully. Before you edit, take 'backup' copy of registry. 

1. Go to Start->Run, type regedit and press ENTER

2. Navigate to the following key in the registry


On the right side pane look for “legalnoticecaption“, double click on it and enter the desired Legal Notice Title.

3. Next , look for “legalnoticetext” and enter the desired Legal Notice Text. The legal notice text can be up to a page in it’s size so that it can include a set of do’s and dont’s for your computer.

4. After you do this just restart your computer and upon the next startup you can see the legal notice information for your computer. 


Now we see how do a fun with this trick. Visit that registry location in your friend pc. In legal notice caption, type 'WINDOWS GENUINE KEY FINDER' like this or give better title as your wish. In legal notice text, type 'windows found your os is illegal copy and not a original version. Key entered is pirate copy not an original key. So system will delete all your files including os in next startup. You must purchase original version. For more details visit'. Like this or  as your wish type more sentence. Now you can scare your friends. Finally inform to your friends about this trick and remove it.