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Now we will see one useful feature in gmail. We sending lot of email in gmail to our friends. Some time we think and like to send the email at particular time or scheduled time.  To wish our friends holidays or birthday, we like to send the email at particular time. Generally Gmail does not have this feature. To solve this problem, one add on will helpful to ours. That is boomerang.  Let see how to use this feature.

COMPATIBLE WITH: Fire fox 3.6 , 3.6 +, Chrome 5.0 , 5.0 + 


Visit the below link to Install this add on and click the button 'install boomerang'. After you installed this add on, click the 'compose' button. Now you will see 'send later' button. Using that button, you can send the email at any time or specific time. See the below picture to help. Remember its works only on Gmail. Click the picture to enlarge. In that website they provided help in video and explained in text also. So here no need to explain briefly.  


LINK: INSATLL AND HELP Click here to install boomerang add on and Help in video and text