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Friend... I am really happy to introduce this game to you. This is Very Very Interesting and wonderful game.  No one miss this game. Few games only very differ from other game. Like that, this game also very different. While play only i too excited and thought games also make differently like this. Each level give enjoyment to you. Each level is different and you will shock at each level. You will feel  the enjoyment while play and amaze. This is Online Game and you must have Internet connection. Totally 30 level. Each level is very interesting. Below i provided points ( Help ) based on this picture. Words before the number are related to the object present in below image. You can finish this game very easy. But what specialty in this game is...You will understand that while play. 

A) This is a keyword (1) to play the level. This is very important. Based on this keyword only you can able to play this game. So Understand this word carefully and then begin to play.

B) You are a Elephant. You Need to exit by unlock the door ( Green Color (3) ) by pressing red color button (2).

C)  Panic (5) is a option you can kill yourself. When you feel unable to reach the destination click this button and begin the level.

D)  Walk through  (6) is a wonderful option. If unable to understand the keyword or if you don't know how to play that level, click this button. Video will open. Here you will see help how to play that level. It will helpful to you when ever you feel unable to play the level.

E) If you touch this, you will die so don't touch it. Finish the game as much as possible to quick time and low death. Remember, in each level you will play based on the keyword. See that word at each level and enjoy.


I feel surely you enjoyed that game now we will see one more game. But it is very very difficult. Give a chance to try. Motto of this game is just click the ball and change the color.

LINK:  Click Here To Play