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Like to give new wonderful interface to gmail? Latest Yahoo mail interface also changed in button and much more. We can able to give the new look to gmail also. Someone like to change whole interface of gmail and like to give new interface to gmail. So gmail provide lot of themes, in themes also have default it does not change any button interface. Even if we like customize the gmail themes it only provide to change color. But it not  provide good look. Now we see how to change overall interface of gmail and give to exciting theme to gmail.  If you like it means set default and make your friends to shock. Remember it works only in FIREFOX, (To chrome browser coming soon ) not in any other  browser. Everyone must try it and don't miss this theme. Its easy to install. You need to install just 2 add on only. Here i explained briefly. 

First open Firefox browser. Now you need to install 'stylish' add on to your browser. Install Stylish by clicking here. After installed , restart your browser. Now visit to GLOBEX DESIGNS by clicking here. Now you will see the list of add on for every browser based on available. Here  click the 'install for firefox'. After installed restart your browser. Now one pop up message will come in which google feature like gmail, calender , reader or documents. Choose gmail by clicking it.  Now provide your username and password. Now you will shock by theme. Everything will changed in gmail and provide wonderful interface to your gmail. I feel surely you like this theme.