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Today we will see how lot of members violating gmail rule. Everyone have gmail account and transfer the files by attach to his friends. Gmail allows only 25 mb to attach the file. Now we see how members violating gmail rule. Attaching 'exe' file and send it to persons is illegal method and violating the gmail rule .  

Why gmail don't allow to attach exe file? There is no guarantee  attaching exe file not affect by an virus. If we wrongly attach virus exe file and send to our friends means, we also participating in virus spread. Generally gmail scanner detect exe file and avoids to attach 'exe' file. But some members change the 'exe' file extension and then attach and send it. some other hacker archive it and split it and then send it. Hackers get lot of tricks in net to send exe files. Hereafter don't do this activity. 


If you  attach exe file and send it means, consider your exe file have virus and sent it . If Google found this, they simply 'Terminate' your account due to spreading virus  and you will lose everything. So avoid this type of activities.