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Due to 100 th post, i like to give special enjoyment to you.  Till now, we saw lot of picture in 3D style. But today we will see 'AUDIO' in 3D style. Surely you will get shock and enjoyment. I dedicate this post one of my friend introduced this  3D AUDIO. Download the below 3D Audio sound. Before you play, remember the points below i provided. 

  • Don't play this sound in pc or any other speaker. You can't feel the 3D. 
  • You will feel the 3D only in Headphone.
  • Sony Ericsson and Samsung  mobile good to hear ( I checked in this phone) 
  • Before you hear this audio, ensure that surrounding must be in silence / calm 
  • Remember your headphone must be work properly. 
  • If unable to feel the 3D means, problem in phone or head set. So try any other cell or headphone. 
  • Feel the real 3D