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Canon LiDE 120 Error message: "Cannot communicate with scanner for these reasons": SOLVED

Today we see how to solve Canon LiDE 120 Error message: "Cannot communicate with scanner for these reasons error simply.

Who are all purchased Canon Lide Scanner, sure they will meat the problem communication error when they use it. Everything fine in connection, os, driver...but  it leads to this problem.

Ok let see how to solve this problem.

Step 1: Go to Control Panel

Step 2: Click Power Options Icon

Step 3:  Select "Power saver" mode

Step 4: Restart your computer and make sure that "Power saver" option is enabled.


Today we see how to maintain your mobile using mobile apps. Hope these tips helps you to give long life and avoid some basic problems.
  • To clean our mobile such as junk files, cache etc, we used apps like clean master, avg app. I strongly recommend you, avoid these apps and ES File Explorer app helps you to clean your mobile such as junk file, cache, redundant file, duplicate file. 
  • ES File explorer helps you to avoid to install additional files such as file cleaning apps, audio player, video player,  note editor, accessing the mobile using system and more.
  • Next, Whenever you are uninstalling apps, first clear the data and cache by visiting Settings-Apps-Select the app which you going to uninstall-Storage. It removes unwanted files from your phone.
  • Greenify is the best app to increase the speed of your phone. Avoid the apps such as clean master, du battery etc.
  • At Least once in a week switch off your phone for 10 minutes to increase your battery life.
  • Strictly avoid using other phone chargers. It leads to damage your phone battery or decrease its life.
  • Don't do any transaction once your mobile is rooted. For safety purpose install one anti virus app. Avoid installing more than one anti virus apps. Because its conflicts both anti virus and also make your phone too slow.
  • Regularly clean your mobile using ES File Explorer and delete the unwanted file using LOGGER in ES File Explorer. 
  • Disable the app which don't use frequently
  • Use flight mode while charging it increase the speed of charging.
These are the very basic mobile phone tips.  Keep your phone safely and fastly.