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Jurassic world is an interesting game and High Graphics game of Android. Main motto is you have to make build a park with various dinosaurs with building and decoration. You can enjoy the game as like an Jurassic world Movie. 

You have to fight with dinosaurs , online user , online event to unlock new dinosaurs. Using various dinosaurs you can make excellent jurassic park. Due to high graphics, you can decor the park too awesome. 

It have various features like Raptor Training. Trade Harbour and More. Its an excellent game for Dinosaur Lovers. Once you understand how to fight with dinosaur, you can enjoy the game. Please note, Once you installed this game, game will teach you how to battle with dinosaur. Learn it properly. Then only you can able to clear the level.

This game require android 4.3 and above. This game fully based on Online, you can't able to play through offline. Game size is 1GB,  Download Link: Jurassic World. This is the only best dinosaur game in play store.Jurassic World The Game is Free to play.


Finally android received one adventure game from Disney, yes, pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of war. Its an similar to other game upgrading your powers, tools, location and war between various pirates.  

This game leads you to various location with amazing graphics. Main characters such as Davy Jones, Gibs, Swan etc are came, so you can enjoy the game with our Captain Jack Sparrow. This game is free to play. Sure this game bring you to pirate world! 

Provides an Good Graphics in low file size is highlight of the game. Please remember this game requires Android 4.1 and up and size is minimum 126 mb. Based on the mobile, size may vary. Jack Sparrow and Movie fans must give a try to this game.

Musixmatch Lyrics - Display the song lyrics while playing

Musixmatch is an android application music player and display the song lyrics which you play. So its easy to sing a song while playing.

There are lots of app available in playstore to display the lyrics. But musixmatch is an top application to display the song lyrics.

  • Its automatically find the song lyrics from online if  available
  • Song lyrics may available in your mother tongue ( Low Chance )

    This app, fetch the song lyrics based on the "tag" information of your audio file. If lyrics is not found, then edit the song information, that is "tag" information and then search it. If you download the songs from original company, then it it easy to find song lyrics to this app. This application also display the lyrics, songs which you play in youtube, n7player etc. 

      You must need internet connection to display the song lyrics at first time. You need premium feature of this app to enjoy all the lyrics to display without a connection. Here i listed few features only. You can explore more features by installing this Musixmatch app.