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Hi Friend! Today i intro you a wonderful and my favorite game to you. Before you see about this game, kindly load the below video first, then read this post. Because, after finishing this post, video will load and you can see this without interrupt.  Below i provided few screen shot and explanation of that screen shot. Below i provided full version of Tarzan Game Download link.

Tarzan is a amazing game and interesting to play. This game have attractive graphics. While seeing the picture below you will understand. This game provides you an exciting journey to the jungle. I am sure, graphics will cool your eyes.

Game starts with Childhood of Tarzan. While childhood, you need to face lot disturbance with more fun. Game fully based on Forest. You will travel along with exciting water fall and swim. Highlight of this game is Camera. When you move , camera movement also gives an cool effect to your eyes. Above picture shown you a water fall and Tarzan. 


Bonus level will come based on your performance of play, each bonus level will give excitement to you. So different types of bonus level is there. Don't miss any bonus level. Above picture i show with you is also bonus level.

Above picture show, you need to escape from hippopotamus, same like that you need to escape from Rhino, small Rhino, Tiger, Monkey, Fox, Flower, Elephant & more more animals are waiting to disturb with more fun.

One of my favorite level in this game, you need to escape from Angry Elephants. This is an exciting level and interesting to play. By finishing this level, Childhood Tarzan will change to a man. In above video, you can able to see this level.

Above picture shows you need to escape from waterfall by swim. You need to fly in this game using creeper. Its also too fun. You can able to travel with inside of tree. This game completely will give the effect of travelling in jungle to you.

After you escaped from waterfall, you need to escape from crocodile. Like that you have to travel in jungle with different level. Each level will tough to you initially. After your try, you can able to finish the each level very easy with more fun.

I excited with this game because of the fun called 'Surf On Tree'. Once you played the 'Surf On Tree', you will play this level again and again. You will fly on a tree like an car race. This level gives you amazing experience with Tarzan Game. I am sure, every one will like this 'Surf On Tree'. In above video, you can able to see the 'Surf On Tree' effect.

This game provides more fun at each level. You don't miss the level 'The Baboon Chase'.  You need to save the 'Baboon' from lots of Fox , Then you need to surf on tree via Tarzan. Same like that , you need travel with Angry Elephant.

In this jungle, you can able to meet lot of animals like an Deer, Rhino ( Small & Big ), Hippopotamus (Small & Big ), Elephant ( Small ) & More. Butterfly will act as Checkpoint. When you play this game, you will understand the fun in this jungle. Start your game to download using below link and  Don't forgot to see the video i provided at top of this post .


File Size : 36 Mb

Download Link : Disney's Tarzan 

I think this game is freeware. Download link above i provided is full version of the game.  Don't miss to play this game.