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Now we will see one wonderful trick in Gtalk. This concept flashed on my mind. After searching in net, i found this trick. Sure you like this and make your friends to wonder. Lot of members using Gmail account. Due to this, More members using google chat application called gtalk. It is more convenient to chat with our friends and have lot of options. Mostly you will bored with old and default theme. Now we see the trick how to set your image in back ground in chat. This theme give new look to your gtalk.  For help , see the picture below.  This is really wonderful.


I hope, sure you understand what the trick now we will see. Here i provided Tamil Actor Surya  still default. You can replace with your still and make your friends to shock and wonder. This trick is very easy to do. Here i provide deep explanation to understand easily. So read properly and follow the instruction properly. Otherwise it will not work.

1) First you need to download the theme file. DOWNLOAD THE THEMENow extract the zip file. After extracted, You got a folder named "". Next step is you need to go Google talk theme location.

2) This is the path you need to go gtalk location in your xp system. C:\Documents and Settings> Your Computer Username> Local settings> Application Data> Google> Google Talk> Themes> System >Chat
NOTE: Enable hidden files as show to see hidden folders in c:/

3) Now you copy the extracted folder- " " in to this location of gtalk [Googletalk>themes>system>chat]. Here you will see other gtalk theme files also. Then open Gtalk application and click on "Settings" at top corner of right hand side. 

4) A new window will appear for settings, in that select "Appearence" and in right pane select theme as "" and press "ok". After you selected the theme you will see the Actor Surya photo. If this appear means, you installed successfully. 

5) Now we see how to set your still. Now go to location below C:\Users\Google\AppData\Local\Google\GoogleTalk\themes\system\chat\\Contents\Resources\images.

6) In this folder an image file be present named as "anu" now replace the file with yours, but name should be "anu".

Now Restart the gtalk application, click the user who in online.  Your still appear at back ground. Send the message. I like to say thanks who make this theme.