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Now we will see one useful trick based on file hosting service. I hope sure this trick will helpful to all. Already i wrote  few post based on File host service. We discussed , File host service provider are provide more feature in Pro Service only and Free downloads have little bit feature. Most of the recommended files are uploaded in those pro file host service only. Due to this, most of the members  downloads the files in free service even it take more time. 

Some time we like to download the more than one file in Pro file host service. To download the first file in pro file host service, we need to wait little bit time like 1 minute  to get download link. After download this, again we try to download one more file using same file host service means, we need to wait nearly 30 minutes  to get download link. Like that they will increase the waiting time to every download. 

To avoid this problem one superb solution is there. That is, this trick helpful, you no need to wait 30 minutes to download the second time. Now i hope you understand whats the problem and what trick  i like to say. After downloads the first file from host service completely, Simply switch off your modem if you like to download one more file from same file host service otherwise you no need to switch off. Before you switch off the modem, check any other download in progress. Now again switch on the modem. Now download the second file from that file host service. Now you need to wait only few seconds that is basic time only. That is you no need to wait more time.  While switch on the modem it take few minutes only to connect. This method is better than waiting for 30 minutes. You will get another download link within 10 minutes instead of 30 Minutes using this trick.