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Now we will see one very useful post to all Gmail users. We sending lot of emails to friends or any other purpose. While sending email, sometime it will send quickly and sometime it take more time to send. While sending email we can't do anything at that time.  We need to wait till  mail to receive. All gmail users surely meet this problem. Due to Internet traffic and low speed internet connection mail take long time to receive. So we need to wait long time till the mail send. We can solve this problem using one of the google lab feature.

Background send is a gmail lab feature, If you enable this feature, gmail automatically send the mail in background when you compose the email and at that time we can do other process. It displays the message 'sending in background' when message is send in background. ( See the below picture to help )  So you no need to worry or confuse whether email is sending or not. After sent the email, displays the message ' mail is sent' with undo options (If you enabled 'undo send', 'undo' will appear). So you no need to worry about anything. This is wonderful and useful feature who are met the problem explained above. Even if you not meet the problem, useful feature to you.  Remember  If you enabled 'undo send' ( Already we saw this feature ) feature means, 'undo' button also appear.

Using this feature, we can save our time. So everyone enable this feature. One important info, we send the mail  in background. Due to background send, be sure to stay logged in until it's all sent. Now we see how to set this feature in our gmail account. 

Log in to your gmail account. Click the settings at top right corner. Now click the 'Labs' Tab. Now you will see lot lab feature. Find the 'Background send' and click the 'enable' options. Finally Don't forgot to  click 'save changes' button at the bottom.