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Now we will see how to find your gmail account created date. You can feel, in what way it will helpful to you?, But this is very very important. Every one must know this information. It will helpful to you some critical situation. If any one hacked your gmail account means, you need to  reset your password. To reset your password, you need to fill the form provided by Google. At that time, you need the gmail account creation date. At that time this info is very helpful to you. Some members try to find the gmail account creation date for funny or any other purpose. Some members give treat also on gmail account birthday if he feel account mails are more valuable. But knowing this info is very useful to you. Let see, how to detect your gmail account created ( Birth ) date.

You can find gmail account in two ways. First way is, when you created gmail account, suddenly you will get mail from gmail team.  Using that received mail we can find our gmail account created date with exact time. If you saved this email in your label or inbox means you can find it easily. If you deleted or not found means try the second method. Most of the members deleted that mail without know the value of the mail. 

I think second method is works if you create the gmail account on 2007 or later. Don't know exact date. Anyway, if you create before 2007 means also try it. Login to your gmail account and click 'settings' at top right side corner.  Now click the tab 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP'.  Now see the picture below for help. In that tab, you will see POP download. In that status, you will see the creation date of  your gmail account created date where i specified in that picture. If  date is not appear means, enable the  'Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on' by clicking radio button. Now click 'save changes' button. After made changes check again here. Even if not appear (Very rare to happen this ) means enable one more status which you left. Now click 'save changes' button. After made changes check again here. Finally we found birth-date of our gmail account.


If any body knows any other good idea to find gmail account created date, kindly inform to ''. Here your idea will update with your name.