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Today we will see some pranks. Enjoy this pranks with your friends / relatives in this April month. Just click the title of the prank to download the software. Try yourself this pranks before you do with your friends.

Install this small application and appears as just a small antivirus application called “Dr. Windows.” Once you install the application, it appears in the system tray as a very small anti-virus application. When you first install it, right click on the icon and click on Options. Make sure to enable “Hide Options” so that when the user right clicks on the icon, nothing will happen. The only way to enter settings is to hold down the Ctrl key while right-clicking. The software comes with about 50 random Windows error messages that pup up either when you trigger them with the hot-key combination, or at a set interval that you enter.


Lappet is a completely safe and very funny fake computer virus. This also scare your friends. Try it.


It display the message to delete windows folder in os file. But it fake. Finally display the message very slowly ' its a game'.

This prank really scare your friends. Do this when your friend absence of pc. Now we see how to rotate the computer screen. Press 'ctrl + alt + arrow key'. Based on arrow key, the screen will rotate.

Pranks are welcome. You can send. Here i will update with your name.