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Create a document is one useful feature in gmail labs. Already we saw some important features in google labs. Now i explain about create a document lab feature. If you enable it, it will appear in right side of gmail. It contains 'new window', ' print all','create a document' basically. If you open any conversation mail means it have 'expand all' and ' forward all'. If your mail have an text with highlight means one more option will come called 'turn off highlight'. Surely it will helpful to you if you enable it. 

You can edit that mail before you print or make a document. Consider you need to take one Tamil or any other language ( except english ) document means you need to print out and you don't have printer means ? Simply create a document in 'PDF' format and printout in shop. 

To make a document, open a mail which you like to make a document and click 'create a document'. Now it will appear in editable form so you can edit it. After making changes, click 'file', choose 'download as' and choose file format which you want. Better to choose 'PDF'.

When you use this lab feature, ad's are come and simply sit in right side. See the picture. If you like this ad's means simply leave it. If you like to remove this ad's means use 'better gmail' add on. It will remove these ad's completely. Already we saw about this add on.  You will get new enjoyment if you use this add on. Don't miss to try this add'on.  (See last two post about this add on)


How to enable this create a document lab feature? Login to your gmail account. Click 'settings' at top right side corner. Now click the 'labs' tab. Find ' create a document'. Choose 'enable' by clicking radio button. Finally click 'save changes'. 

If you open conversation mail means you can expand in single click and similarly you can turn off highlight if your mail have highlight.