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Dear Friends... Today we will see one very superb post. I got this information in my mail. I like to share with your. Surely you will get wonder and shock at final. Dont miss it. Try it.

Like to wish your friends this new year in new style? Make them in wonder by wishing in this style. First download the file by clicking 'Download File' below. Now you need to wait 20 seconds. Then click 'Download file now' to download. After download, open that file. Then do the steps below i provided.

1) Open downloaded 'Notepad' file.

2) Press ctrl + h

Now Find box will open.

3) Press 6 in 'Find what' text box.

4) Press underscore in 'Replace with' text box. Be careful, here i told 'UNDERSCORE'.

5) Press 'Replace All ' button.

6) Close that dialog box and see that notepad file.