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Hi friends... I like to post in a topic called Website. So i created one more label called website. You can enjoy the website which i enjoyed. Here i like to share important website/enjoyable etc website. Share with me the website which you enjoyed.
Superb Apps website...
I wondered after visited to this website. This site contain lot of information with various topics. For example Quantitative apps, Logical, verbal, programming, puzzle, GD, online test, general knowledge, placement papers,hr interview etc.
In quantitative apps, puzzle etc they explained the answer step by step. This is the reason why i had wondered. You can comment in that question, you can ask the question if you have any doubts, you can provide the answer for questions. They provide work book also to solve.
This website surly useful to who like to develop their knowledge, especially Engineering students, Final year students, who are going to competitive exam. Dont miss this website and share with your friends.