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Did you know about Picasa software? Picasa is designed to handle the images. Its freeware. Provided by google. Picasa is very super to handle the images. It provide lot of options.

You can crop the images, collapse, creating gift cd, album, share in internet etc. While opening the image, the way of opening image is nice. Opening the GIF image format is not display in animate. Picasa is best to handle the image. It scan the all image in system and show it separately as folder wise. You can add the name to every image, You can get particular image by searching. It designed only for handle the images. It contain lot function to handle the image. One more important function '
straighten'. Once you scanned the image you can straight that image using straighten. It have more  basic options to customize your picture. To manage pictures in windows os,  Picasa is better software to manage. Once you used , surely you will use this software continuously.